Take the Glass in Your Home to the Next Level

How Your Shower Screens Can Help Create A Luxurious Bathroom

Stress can become a significant problem when there doesn't seem to be enough time for the myriad of daily chores and responsibilities. Renovating your bathroom with a luxurious, spa-like feel is a perfect way to deal with these strains. A beautiful place to wind down and relax every day will help your overall health. Read on to discover how to combine new shower screens with other elements to create your own at-home haven.

Spacious And Light

A cramped and squashy area is not conducive to feelings of calm and ease. If your bathroom is not particularly large, though, it can be too extensive a renovation to move entire walls. A more straightforward measure is to create a sense of spaciousness with the simple addition of glass shower screens. Because they don't visually block off sections of the room—you can see to all corners — your bathroom will look more extensive than with opaque screens. In this way, you can make the most of the existing dimensions. The glass will also reflect light around, which further evokes a spacious, relaxing atmosphere.

Consider, when selecting an enclosure style, whether to go with a frameless, semi-framed or fully-framed design. The less metal framing that supports the glazing panels, the more a feeling of lightness and airiness your shower will impart. 

Expansive Shower Area

A custom glass shower not only makes the most of existing space by being almost invisible, but it provides more scope for you to adjust the actual shower enclosure size. Because the transparent glass induces airiness, you can possibly increase the actual size of the enclosure without creating a confined sense in the overall room. What works, however, will depend on your particular space. But if you can go bigger — especially with the addition of a bench seat inside the enclosure — your sense of luxury and pampering will likely increase when taking a long, hot shower. Combine the glass with soft, neutral earthy tiles for a beautiful designer look and a soothing experience.

Practical Door Style

If your bathroom works practically, then you'll be more inclined to enjoy showering and grooming in the space, and less likely to be disturbed by annoyances. That's why you should pay special attention to the doors on the shower. Hinged or pivot doors that swing outwards can impede movement for others using the room, but they allow a wide space to enter and exit the shower. Sliding or bi-fold doors, move sideways and thus take up less outside area, but often they don't create as ample a doorway space to get in and out. Which is best for your installation depends on the area and how many people will be simultaneously using the bathroom. Making it work as practically as possible for your circumstances will help to provide the most luxurious and soothing experience for all.

For more information on shower screens, reach out to a local glass company.