Take the Glass in Your Home to the Next Level

4 Signs that It is Time to Replace Your Residential Window Glass

Every homeowner interacts with the windows of their home daily, whether to open or close them, during cleaning, or looking through them. However, it is still easy to overlook the state of the glass because we often take their role for granted. It is best to learn signs that your window glass is damaged and that you need repairs or a replacement.

Here are four indicators that it is time for residential glass replacement

You Spend More Heating or Cooling the House

HVAC issues are usually the first telltale sign that your home might have insulation issues. Often, heat loss or gain happens through the windows since they are large openings in the house. As the window glass ages, it loses its efficiency in blocking the glare, which leads to excessively hot interiors during the day. Similarly, cracks, broken seals and holes in the glass will lead to heat loss at night. You can replace the old and worn-out windows with new glass, which is laminated and has double or triple glazing. The new types of window glass keep indoor conditions constant, which helps you avoid excessively high energy bills.

You Experience Drafts

Your window glass should be a complete barrier between the outdoor weather and indoor space. If you can experience the breeze when you stand close to your windows on windy days, the chances are that you need to replace your windows. You can check whether you have drafts by closing the windows and lighting an incense stick. If the smoke moves in any direction, the wind is getting in from the outdoors. Replacing the glass will stop the chilly outdoor weather from getting inside the house.

You Can See Fog Between Window Panes

Double pane windows can be a source of trouble when the seal between them fails. Once it breaks down, you remain with a gap through which air, moisture and humidity squeeze their way between the panes. The temperature difference between the indoors and the glass surface leads to condensation and fogginess. 

You Have Difficulties Controlling the Windows

Windows move effortlessly when new. Their edges might accumulate dirt, rust and other gunk as they age. The difficulty in movement makes homeowners pop or force the windows to move. It can easily lead to breakage.

Speak to a window replacement contractor if you are experiencing any of these complications with your windows. They will help you get the best replacements from the market and also help with the installation.