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3 Preparation Guidelines for Replacing Broken Window Glass

If you have a broken window, you should replace the glass immediately. This is crucial for the safety of your home. Broken glass creates risk for cuts, especially for the vulnerable members of your family. In addition, the damaged structure can compromise the security of your house. The opening created by the breakage could present an opportunity for an intruder. Ideally, you should engage a specialist for your restoration needs. However, you might be able to deal with the damage if you have some time.

Here are simple tips for preparing the damaged window for glass replacement.

Consider Repair

Under normal circumstances, replacement is the most favourable choice when dealing with broken windows. However, if the damage is not serious, you might want to consider glass repair. This option is cheaper and will prevent the affected section from deteriorating. Small cracks can be filled using clear epoxy. Then, complete the repair by sanding off the excess and using a little metal polish. Small holes can also be filled using clear polish.  

Eliminate the Glass

If the window is truly broken, you will need to remove the damaged glass. You should be careful, especially if it is not safety glass. Acquire thick work gloves for protection when handling the glass as well as safety goggles and suitable shoes. Remove the pieces of glass from the frame and place them in an appropriate place in preparation for disposal. The ease of removing the glass will depend on the degree of damage and the window's design.  If the putty around the glass and frames is too secure, use a chisel or a suitable knife to facilitate easier removal.  

Inspect the Frames

It is important to inspect the frames before proceeding with the repairs. If the frames are not in good condition, it will be difficult to have long-lasting performance even after the glass is replaced. Check the structure of the window for weaknesses in the form of loose elements, rot and rusting. If there is limited damage, you can conduct repairs. For instance, missing connectors in wooden windows can be replaced to make the framing more stable. Rust can also be brushed off and the surfaces of the frames repainted. If the damage is extensive, such as the complete rotting of the wood, you might want to plan for a complete replacement of the structure.

Replacing broken glass panes can be challenging for an inexperienced individual. Therefore, if you are uncertain about the project, seek professional assistance.