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Windscreen Replacements: 3 Tips

The windscreen is an important safety feature in any vehicle. When a vehicle's windscreen gets damaged beyond repair, replacement of the windscreen remains the only option.

This article discusses a few important things you should know as you plan to replace the damaged windscreen on your vehicle.

The Quality of Glass Matters

This is among the most important aspects of windscreen replacement that you need to be aware of. You will likely find it more convenient to buy the replacement windscreen from the same auto repair dealer who will install the new windscreen rather than shopping for the windscreen on your own.

Either way, it is highly advisable that you settle for a replacement windscreen made using the original manufacturer's glass. This is the highest quality of glass available for replacement windscreens.

Original manufacturer's glass is the same type of glass that the damaged windscreen is made of. Replacement windscreens made using original manufacturers glass are likely to be more expensive than after-market windscreens, but they are definitely worth the extra cost.

Aftermarket windscreens are often made of lower-quality glass, and this explains why they are often so much cheaper than windscreens made using OEM glass.

The Cheapest Installer Is Not Always the Best

Apart from getting the quality of glass right, it is also equally important to ensure that the windscreen is installed correctly in order to guarantee your safety once you resume using the vehicle.

A large number of vehicle owners use the cost of windscreen installation as their basis for choosing between different installation professionals, with most of them opting for the professional who quotes the lowest price for installation.

When it comes to windshield replacement, an much lower cost of installation could simply mean that the installer is using lower-quality materials such as adhesives and bonding agents.

As you shop around for a professional windscreen installer, you should be more concerned about how experienced he or she is than you should be about their cost of service. After all, you cannot put a price on vehicular safety.

Inform Your Auto Insurer

If you have comprehensive insurance for your vehicle, then you need to involve your insurance service provider in the windscreen replacement process.

This is because insurance companies often have recommended professionals with whom their clients must agree to work with in order not to void the cover provided for windscreen replacement. Should this be the case, talk to your auto insurer before you make any major decisions in relation to windscreen replacement.