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What You Should Know About Pool Windows

Pool windows are mainly installed for aesthetic value, especially if you want to add some lighting and different finishes that would look visually appealing when integrated with pool windows. They bring out a sense of elegance and class to your pool area.

Pool windows can also have a functional role, like when you want to be able to see into the pool for safety and security reasons. Here's what you need to consider when installing pool windows: 

Pool Window Thickness

This mostly relates to water pressure and impact resistance. You want a window that is thick enough to withstand water pressure and impact. Easy-to-break windows can be a safety risk; if the pool window breaks, water can come rushing out with high pressure that can push anyone to the ground and also cause flooding in your apartment. If you are in the pool, you would be sucked through the window, get cut or even drown.

Some pools are located on high buildings; if the pool window is located on the building's side and it is thin and weak, you can expect water to flow along the side of the building and onto the street if it breaks. Get thick pool windows that can withstand impact and water pressure.

Effects of Harsh Weather Conditions

Your pool window should be able to withstand extremely cold temperatures and the sun's harmful UV rays. These can cause clarity damage (yellowing of the window) and also make the pool window weak if it is not made to be resistant.

Pool Window Shape and Size

The material used for pool windows should be manufactured to your preferred shapes and sizes while still being able to maintain its thickness and resistance to hot and cold temperatures and harmful UV rays.

Glass or Acrylic

Glass is considered to be the traditional material used for pool windows, and it still serves the purpose. However, you might be restricted to various shapes and sizes to be able to maintain the pool window safety features (thickness and resistance to weather elements).

Acrylic is currently the modern material used for pool windows. It is more impact-resistant, harsh weather-resistant, flexible to transform to any shape and size and highly durable. You can also easily apply any kind of finish you might like to acrylic pool windows to help you match your aesthetics. Acrylic is also recommended over pool glass for pool walls because of its high impact resistance.