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Can You Repair Double Glazed Windows?

When the weather outside is frightful, you'll be glad that your double glazing is in between you and the drama. With this type of technology, you can keep the temperature in check within the property and manage your air conditioning bills effectively. However, you may have an issue with one of your installations and wonder how much it will cost to repair. In fact, you may be worried that you will need to replace the unit in its entirety, so how can you determine your best course of action?

Identifying the Problem

Double-glazed windows are designed to last and will typically put up with all kinds of inclement weather on the outside. However, they can sometimes be damaged by severe weather or even by accident, and in this case, they may not function as intended.

Knowing When to Repair

For example, you may have noticed that the interior of the inner window seems to have misted up. This could be down to a number of reasons that will typically be caused by a problem with the frame or a tiny crack in the glass itself. The answer may not be very apparent, so you may need to bring in an expert first to provide advice.

Fixing a Seal

However, if the seals between the panes of glass have been damaged, then this will certainly allow condensation to form. You may need to remove the pane and clean the area around the seal before replacing the glass. Special tools will then need to be used to dry out the void before a sealant is reapplied carefully in the affected area. This will ensure that the air is trapped in between the two panes of glass and that full functionality is restored.

Dealing with Damaged Glass

You can also choose to repair the unit if only one pane of glass is slightly damaged. In this case, the pane itself is replaced before the air is once again sealed into place and normal service is resumed.

Bringing in the Expert

Typically, it will always be possible to repair a double-glazed window in this situation unless there is extensive damage to the frame caused by mould or rot that has been left to accumulate. You will need to call in an expert to do the repair properly, however, as they will need special tools to seal the unit properly and will have extensive experience with this type of work.

For more information, contact a glass replacement professional.