Take the Glass in Your Home to the Next Level

Common Forms of Glass Splashbacks You Can Consider For Your Kitchen

Are you planning to install glass splashbacks in your kitchen? Glass splashbacks have become a popular choice thanks to the benefits they offer. They are easy to install and maintain, are more hygienic, are affordable, and come in various colours and designs that give a kitchen an outstanding appearance for many years. The market today offers a wide range of glass splashbacks, which makes it challenging for homeowners to make a choice. Knowing the popular types can save you time and help you choose splashbacks that match your kitchen design. Here are examples of glass splashbacks you'll find in the market as you do your research.

Toughened glass

Most homeowners today prefer buying splashbacks that are made of toughened glass. The glass that's used can have a tint or be clear. But why choose toughened glass? Well, these splashbacks are easier to clean than wall tiles since they do not have grout lines that trap stains, oils or bacteria. The splashbacks come with smooth, polished edges and often have a two-pack paint which is sprayed on the back-face to enable users to see colour in the glass. You should choose the clear glass that comes with no colour if you don't want to distort the selected kitchen wall colours. The glass splashbacks also come in different colours and are fireproof, waterproof and highly scratch-resistant.

Triplex glass

These types of splashbacks are made using laminated glass. The name triplex is as a result of the additional film that's placed between the two layers of glass. Splashbacks made with the triplex technology are a bit challenging to manufacture, and that's the reason why they are more costly compared to other forms of glass splashbacks. However, the pattern is usually protected on both sides, making it easier for you to maintain your kitchen's appearance for longer.

You should consider using triplex glass if you want decorated splashbacks. The films can accommodate different forms of decorations like images, leaves, fabric, metal, leather and any other element you desire. The panels will serve you for a long time, and the colour of the decoration will remain bright.

Mirrored splashbacks

These splashbacks are often used when homeowners are renovating their kitchens. They are fashionable, heat-resistant and availed in many colours, including bronze, silver and smokey. Mirrored splashbacks create the illusion of a large room since they reflect light. This is the reason they are an excellent choice for small kitchens, particularly if the walls are painted white.

To learn more, contact a company that sells glass splashbacks.