Take the Glass in Your Home to the Next Level

Reasons to Install a Glass Splashback

While it's fun to renovate a kitchen and spread your favourite materials and colours around the room, it can get complicated with so many alternatives, particularly for the splashback. One material to consider is glass, the benefits of which are outlined below.

Make Your Kitchen Feel Larger

A glass splashback evokes a sense of spaciousness, as the panels connect seamlessly and the surface isn't broken up with numerous grout lines. Visual clutter and detail, like that created by grouting, can create a congested feeling. After all, kitchens are already filled with many different gadgets, appliances, components, and cupboards, all of which make different shapes and surfaces. Fortunately, you can create a smooth area of calm to give your eye a rest across the splashback by installing glass.

Easy to Clean

Tiles along the splashback area create grout lines that tend to collect grime. Because the tiled surface isn't even, it's hard to clean, and while the top of each tile is easy to wipe, the grooves between each one are hard to reach into. Glass splashbacks eliminate this problem as they present an even surface that you can wipe with a microfiber cloth or glass cleaner. These surfaces don't exhibit grooves that force you to undergo special cleaning routines.

Wide Colour Selection

Glass splashbacks provide an assortment of hues that you can pick from colour charts to precisely match the splashback to your kitchen decor. Thus, you won't be limited in choice but can decide to make a dramatic statement with a bold contrasting cobalt blue, for example, or blend a neutral splashback with the wall. Low iron glass is without the green tinge that is common in standard glass. Thus, this glass type won't taint the printed colour, and you'll enjoy a more pure rendition of your chosen hue.

Faux Marble, Timber and Other Images

The back of a glass splashback can alternatively be printed with various images rather than painted with a uniform colour. For example, you could print the glass with a photograph of creamy marble or warm textured timber. In this way, you can bring beautiful patterns and textures into your kitchen but still relish an easy-maintenance surface. Other print options to consider include red brickwork for an industrial look. You can even print a picture of tiles on the back of the glass, so you can go with a traditional look without ever having to worry about grouting.