Take the Glass in Your Home to the Next Level

Reasons to Choose a Glass Splashback for Your Kitchen

You have many materials to consider when choosing a splashback for a kitchen renovation. So many options can make things confusing. To help you make a decision for your remodel, here are several benefits of a glass splashback.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean

The purpose of a splashback is to cover the wall with a substance that's easy to clean and doesn't wear down. For this reason, glass splashbacks are ideal. They don't feature grout lines that require scrubbing. Instead, they offer a smooth, even surface that is hygienic and straightforward to wipe with a microfiber cloth. You can extend the glass splashback to whatever area you need. A contractor will measure the relevant wall area in the kitchen before installation, and the glass will be manufactured in the correct proportions.

Colour Variety

With glass, you can choose from a wide array of colours to put on the backs of the panels. You could install neutral beige or cream. Alternatively, make a statement with a bold blue or lemon yellow splashback. Because you have so many options neatly laid out in colour swatches that allow for comparisons, you can clearly match the splashback to other elements in the kitchen. If you're remodelling the entire space, choose other components first that don't offer the same versatility, such as the benchtop, for example. Then you can select a complementary splashback hue.

Texture Options

Even though glass presents a smooth surface, you can create the impression of texture. You can print any quality digital image on the back of the glass. Thus, you could choose a photo of marble, travertine, or granite, for example. Alternatively, select a rustic brick wall image. Other options include timber planks or subway tiles. The design choices are only limited by the pictures and photographs you can find to put on the back. And these are virtually endless, as many websites specialise in providing images.


You may think that glass is a fragile substance. But when it comes to glass splashbacks, the opposite is the case. Splashbacks comprise toughened glass that undergoes a tempering process that renders the glass extremely tough and heat-resistant. Once you install the panels in the kitchen, they'll withstand wear and heat from a nearby stove. Installation is also convenient, as after the glass panels are manufactured off-site, they're attached to the wall. This does not involve the same laborious process as laying numerous tiles over a large wall area.